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H.R. 1044  – Unfair to Americans

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Please call in – let the hosts know how outraged EVERY American should be about the power of foreign lobbyists in our Congress and the easy passage of HR 1044 – a bill that seeks to end diversity in immigration to the U.S. and cause further harm to U.S. educated professionals.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019 marks the passage of H.R. 1044 in absence of Congressional hearings and debate.   The assumption that the bill is “non-controversial” and therefore does not warrant discussion allows for the Suspension of the Rules of Congress to be invoked.  H.R. 1044 – The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act is unfair to American citizens and represents the surrender of U.S. values to global interests and a victory for the many who directly profit from a ready supply of cheap foreign labor in our country.


Millions of educated, highly skilled U.S. workers have been and continue to be systematically displaced by foreign labor.   Off shoring, outsourcing, and legal immigration  steal jobs from American citizens every day.  It is not AI that threatens American job security, but is instead, the constant and persistent displacement of Americans  by a foreign labor force willing to work long hours for less pay with no benefits.   This reality jeopardizes capitalism, democracy, National Security and our inalienable rights as citizens.


The myth that America is lacking in educated, highly skilled, white collar professionals is perpetuated by those who seek to undermine the American middle class.   Families across our nation are suffering.  Women and minorities are sidelined by foreign workers.  Bread winners are pushed out of good paying jobs and substituted with H1B, L1, H4EAD and OPT labor.  It is the stories of these disadvantaged countrymen that AWC is bringing to the halls of Congress.


H.R. 1044 seeks to eliminate the 7% country cap limit for employment-based green cards and double the family-based limit from 7 to 15%.  This would allow a handful of countries to co-opt America’s green card system for a decade and would further incent the handful of countries and companies monopolizing the H1B visa system to continue to displace Americans with foreign labor.


H.R. 1044 is “anti-diversity” legislation, effectively eliminating lawful immigration to the U.S. from over 190 countries.  Under H.R. 1044 truly highly skilled immigrants hoping to live and work in the U.S. hailing from South America, Europe, Africa and Australia will be turned away if the 7% country caps are removed.


Hopeless and desperate Americans have nowhere to turn when even the legislative aides in their district’s congressional offices refuse to take meetings with them yet speak to and meet repeatedly with foreigners and lobbyists supporting H.R. 1044.  AWC had numerous constituent meeting requests denied by offices co-sponsoring who are sympathetic to foreign concerns yet deaf to the indignities suffered by their own constituents.  Legislative aides AWC spoke to described H.R. 1044 proponents as “relentless, persistent, and un-relenting”.   The consequence of giving foreign interests access and opportunity to lobby Congress directly resulted in the bill’s  introduction and passage.


Many feel the sting of losing this H.R. 1044 battle.   The war, however, to preserve American rights and American diversity will wage on.   Politicians and citizens who truly care about the future of this great land will turn the passage of H.R. 1044 –  into a battle cry for action.  The silent majority will be forced to fight as vigorously as their foreign counterparts and those politicians for and against H.R. 1044 will be duly noted.


There is no shortage of American high skilled labor.  AWC will continue to provide the fact based evidence of that claim to any media outlet or Senate office willing to learn the truth.


President Trump’s “America First” focus won the 2016 election.  Resonating with American middle class professionals, regardless of party, were Trump’s words: “On trade, on immigration, on foreign policy, the jobs, incomes and security of the American worker will always be my first priority.”  Every American citizen opposed to H.R. 1044 has hope that given those sentiments, there is no possibility President Trump would ever sign H.R. 1044 or any similar legislation into law.



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