Keep America At Work

Every red dot in this graphic of the U.S.A., represents 1-500 jobs lost to the U.S. economy and sent to a foreign land.

Amazing Research,  Doing their part since 2007 to bring the latest news on Free Trade Agreements and non-immigrant guest worker visas.

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Shiny Apps

Government Census and Visa data easily searchable by all.

Incredible research on 2016 Census and all publicly available Visa information.  Awesome tools using the best in python code to distill mass amounts of government available data!  This is my go to site for quickly referencing important facts related to U.S. employment.

Excellent Resource!

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Protect U.S. Workers

A terrific organization that provides access to congress for every American citizen.

Great Washington D.C. Presence.  A bi-partisan group of Americans from across the country lobbying U.S. Congressmen, Senators and Legislative leaders for change to the status quo for American Professionals.

Fantastic congressional presence! Contact them today!

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CA STEM Parents

California Data

Incredible research, links and perspective on California STEM education.  YouTube videos, links and research specifically looking at California’s K-12, Community Colleges, California State Universities and University of California schools to understand trends in enrollment, spending, testing, acceptance, fraud, and admissions standards.  Learn the facts about California children and their true chance at a quality education today and how OPT is hurting U.S. college graduates.

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Sarah Blackwell

The lead attorney in the fight against U.S. outsourcing.

Sarah is the leading attorney in the fight against keep U.S. citizens employed in every industry in every white collar profession across the U.S.

Compassionate, knowledgeable, effective and experienced, if you are being laid off or need legal assistance of any kind in relation to employment issues, contact the Blackwell Firm.

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CT Tech Worker Coalition

Effective local Connecticut tech worker group!

Connecticut Based State Tech Workers Organization.  Great example of how a local group can have a huge impact on national awareness.  Local voice to State Representatives, State Senators and the Connecticut Governor’s office, working hard to insure policies and economic stimulus is focused on American citizens.

Check Out the Site!  Join if you are in Connecticut!  Get Inspired to Create Your Own Similar Local Chapter of Americans fighting for American Jobs!

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