U.S. Docs Remain Unemployed while H1Bs and J1s Take Slots

Today American doctors and U.S. board certified medical graduates are being sidelined for jobs while H1B and J1 foreign doctors are favored. Clinical outcomes suffer when communication between caregiver and patient is poor. Why are English speaking American physicians who are highly trained, educated, and top performers unable to place in residency programs across the U.S. while their foreign peers are landing these coveted slots? Someone is profiting, and it is not our in-debt U.S. physician population.

There is no shortage of highly qualified American doctors. The White House must consider expanding their Executive order 10014 to include medical professionals. U.S. doctors need to be first for U.S. medical residencies and jobs.

The official White House website provides an article about immigration, published on June 22, 2020. The article details that overall unemployment in the United States nearly quadrupled between February and May of this year due to the global coronavirus pandemic. This decline is recognized as the most significant historical unemployment ever recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With so many Americans suffering, why are American doctors not being given the opportunity to work, place in residency, care for their countrymen and communities, and pay off their government funded student loans?

In less than one week, on July 22, 2020, the Trump Administration’s 30-day review period for the Executive Order of Proclamation 10014 will come to a close. This proclamation suspended entry of aliens who presented a risk to the U.S. labor market following the Coronavirus outbreak. AmWorkCo believes that this suspension should be expanded to include doctors and medical graduates seeking residency in addition to all F1-OPT job seekers.

AmWorkCo encourages every American to contact the White House and ask them to Expand the Ban to include an end to H1B and J1 visa holders taking jobs from U.S. medical graduates and to end the OPT program currently taking jobs from U.S. college graduates.

Call the White House:

White House comment line (202) 456-1111 or

Use this link to Send E-Mail: 


These are the facts that you may share with your Congressmen, Senators, and the President of the United States and his administration:

  • The OPT program must be ended. It is replacing highly qualified American college graduates with foreign F1-OPT workers who do not pay taxes. This costs U.S. taxpayers $3+ billion per year in lost tax revenue and subsidizes America’s largest OPT employers. These are the most profitable U.S. companies and rightfully, should pay their fair share of taxes and should hire highly qualified American college grads who remain unemployed.
  • American females are told to pursue STEM careers, yet they are being systematically harassed, discriminated against, and sidelined due to massive numbers of foreign workers.
  • In 2020 alone, over 6,500 American doctors were unmatched for tax-payer-funded residency programs in the U.S. Without a residency training position, these doctors cannot obtain a healthcare provider license number, which is imperative to practice medicine.
  • The United States is the only country on the planet that does not give priority to their citizen medical school graduates for medical residency placement. For that reason, doctors from China, India, Pakistan and other countries are displacing Americans. Over 5,000 Americans every year remain unemployed after sacrificing time, money, and family to complete medical training and pass their medical board exams.

There is NO SHORTAGE of qualified American doctors, engineers, nurses, technology workers, architects, or teachers. The H1-B, J-1 and F1-OPT labor programs allow Big Tech, Hospitals, Healthcare companies, Insurance Companies, Nursing Homes, and Universities to profit from cheap, foreign labor and replace Americans with foreigners. Americans need jobs; please act today!

If you would like to join AmWorkCo to assist us in our Congressional outreach, please send an e-mail to info@AmWorkCo.com.

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