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With “Dauntless Resolution and Unconquerable Faith” the Wright Brothers succeeded where those who came before them failed. Courage and determination are the hallmarks of every American success story, and the American Workers Coalition (AmWorkCo), founded by three American mothers, remains focused on creating a better today and a better future for every child.

Through sheer determination and countless efforts, AmWorkCo has engaged thousands and educated Congress, the media, and our fellow countrymen on the truth — that there IS NO LACK OF STEM TALENT IN THE U.S. It is all a myth, a lie, perpetuated to replace Americans with foreign labor (outsourced and working on H1B, L1, F1-OPT, J1 and H4EAD). Flooding U.S. medical, research, university, and technology sectors with foreign labor has caused wages to stagnate, school loans to go unpaid, and the American dream to dissolve into a nightmare for millions of U.S. citizens.

The long held American ideal that education and hard work would pave their way to a successful and stable future has vanished. Advancements in technology and a lack of U.S. laws regulating the flow of data have created the opportunity for millions of American jobs to be off shored and outsourced, thousands of Americans to be replaced by foreign visa workers domestically, and billions to be lost from the U.S. economy in real jobs and their domestic multiplier effect.

In 2016, attorney Sara Blackwell inspired many, including the founders of AmWorkCo, as she stood with Disney workers in defense of their jobs. She exposed the systematic displacement of U.S. talent and the constant flow of outsourcing arrangements that pushed thousands of Americans to the unemployment line. This month, President Trump thanked Sara for being with him from the beginning, as he signed an Executive Order and saved the jobs of 200+ TVA tech workers, pledging once again to put Americans FIRST for jobs. The constant flow of AmWorkCo volunteer e-mails and calls to the White House over the past year helped pave the way for this momentous success.

Opinion pieces appearing in publications across the U.S. this month by AmWorkCo volunteers have informed readers nationwide to understand the true effects of an unfettered immigration system that continues to displace qualified, capable and eager Americans from retaining gainful employment.

During the worst pandemic and domestic job market in a century, U.S. medical professionals continue to be passed over for good paying job opportunities. Regardless of their training, education, ambition, or ability, Esther Raja relayed the plight of 2,000 unmatched U.S. doctors each year in her editorial in the New York Post.

The Boston Herald ran AmWorkCo volunteer Nick Reidy’s OpEd piece on the F1-OPT program, which continues to sideline U.S. college graduates while giving Big Tech and U.S. corporations the ability to hire foreign graduates before Americans. AmWorkCo has been the leader in advocating an end to the OPT program, which today employs approximately 500,000 F1-OPT foreign graduates rather than Americans. With the leadership of Paul Gosar of Arizona, HR 3564 — The Fairness for High Skilled Americans Act, was introduced in 2020. Rather than wait for Congress, with the same executive fiat President Obama used to create this unratified jobs program, President Trump could end the OPT program today and return half a million U.S. jobs to American graduates.

To that end, AmWorkCo co-founder, Marie Larson’s OpEd appeared in Real Clear Politics last week, imploring the current administration to assess and evaluate the need for the OPT (Optional Practical Training) program, which costs U.S. taxpayers over $3 billion in lost tax revenue each year.

As Marie so rightly stated:

Americans of all backgrounds are still pursuing STEM degrees, but fewer than 50 percent of them are landing jobs in their fields of study. This is its own pandemic, and the vaccine is available: Expand the ban on immigration to force businesses to hire Americans.

AmWorkCo’s Congressional outreach began by educating D.C.  staffers about the degradation in true diversity across the U.S. STEM professions. The once rich and diverse workforce of men and women of all ages, race, and ethnicity, has been replaced across the U.S. by a single demographic hailing from a single country. For this reason, AmWorkCo is fighting hard against the passage of S386, a bill that would allow the monopolization of immigration into the U.S. by one country.

AmWorkco co-founder Barbara Birch describes herself as a “survivor” — meaning a still employed female American tech worker, when many other female tech workers have been pushed out of their profession by H1B visa holders and often by H4 EAD visa holders.

The H4 EAD visa has no restrictions or limits, and was created as a 2-for-1 jobs giveaway by President Obama to appease Big Tech. Like OPT, President Trump could put thousands of educated American women back to work if he ends the H4 EAD program by Executive Order.

The U.S. technology sector was once a bastion of opportunity and upward mobility for talented and eager American women. Today, however, American females are no longer welcome or wanted. As AmWorkCo co-founder Hilarie Gamm, explained in Billions Lost: The American Tech Crisis and The Road Map to Change, technology should enable the hiring of a robust American remote workforce. The past 30 years have proven that the combination of technology and visa exploitation has instead created a robust offshore foreign workforce that has pushed American women out of the technology sector.

AmWorkCo proudly endorses the campaigns of those who are championing the need to put Americans first for jobs and education. Lauren Witzke of Delaware, Laura Loomer of Florida and Barry Moore of Alabama are all committed to fighting for American jobs.

Senator Rick Scott of Florida remains the sole voice to stand for Americans and American workers in blocking S386, a bill introduced in 2019 by Kamala Harris, which extends a monopoly of immigration from India, her mother’s birthplace, and the country of origin for more than 50% of Silicon Valley’s current workforce. AmWorkCo urges you to contact your Senator and express your concern over the passage of S386. Ask your Senator to join Senator Scott in putting a hold on S386.

AmWorkCo encourages you to contact the White House today. Let them know you want President Trump to EXPAND the BAN and to STOP the State Department from Issuing an EXTRA 100,000 H1B visas in 2021:

Do Not Allow the State Department to Increase Green Cards in 2021

END OPT – and give American college grads the chance for employment

END  H4EAD – and give American spouses the chance for employment

END H1B Medical & University Exemptions – and give American doctors a chance to practice medicine, pay off their federally backed school loans, and care for their countrymen in the worst pandemic of our nation’s history.

Call the White House:

White House comment line (202) 456-1111 or

Use this link to Send E-Mail:

There is NO SHORTAGE of qualified, educated, eager, and available American STEM talent.  Our universities must educate Americans first and our companies and government institutions must hire Americans first. For our democracy to remain intact and our middle class to once again thrive, we must work together to put American jobs back in the hands of American citizens.

AmWorkCo thanks our thousands of volunteers who continue to work alongside our founders to create positive change. AmWorkCo thanks our many affiliates that continue to partner with us to create the needed momentum.

If you would like AmWorkco to help you get an OpEd published or if you would like to join AmWorkCo, please e-mail us at info@AmWorkCo.com

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