What is the American Workers Coalition? Who founded it and why?


The American Workers Coalition (AWC) is a non-partisan, unfunded group of American citizen activists from diverse backgrounds focused on providing the facts about the U.S. labor force and foreign labor.


The American Workers Coalition was founded by three American Moms passionate about creating a better tomorrow for their children, neighbors, co-workers, friends and fellow citizens.


American workers from across the country are being systematically displaced, replaced, and denied good jobs due to the current foreign visa work programs, the associated system gaming, fraud, and the lack of U.S. Data Must Stay laws.

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AWC OPT- HR3564 –  Fact Sheet

AWC HR1044/S386  – Fact Sheet

AWC Did You Know – Fact Sheet

AWC About – Fact Sheet


The AWC believes the following:

  • No American citizen should ever be forced to train their foreign replacement or to sign non-disclosure agreements
  • Every American child has a right to education which enables them
    to become a contributing member of society, and that every American student should have access and opportunity to the best U.S. higher education
  • Every American citizen, regardless of their age, ethnicity, or background should have equal opportunity to apply, interview, be hired, retained and retrained as needed by domestic U.S. employers rather than be displaced and replaced by a foreign workforce
  • Every U.S. graduate should have access and opportunity to apply for U.S. jobs and be interviewed and hired before foreign applicants
  • American women, minorities and college graduates have been most affected by foreign worker displacement
  • The United States needs comprehensive visa reform, ensuring that the work visa program not be used as an immigration superhighway for cheap labor
  • The United States must enact Data Must Stay laws to keep United States data, computing infrastructure and jobs here in the U.S.

Fighting the Sellout of American STEM Jobs

  • Bring otherwise silenced constituents together with our nation’s Congressmen and Senators to engage in fact-based dialogue
  • Engage Congress in changing and supporting legislation that puts Americans first and protects American workers, protects our children, and protects our nation’s security to:
  • End OPT (Optional Practical Training) – Tax exempt employment for F1 visa holders shutting out American college grads
  • End H4EAD (H4 Employment Authorization Document) – Unlimited and unrestricted employment for spouses of H1B visa workers, displacing American women in STEM
  • Reduce H1B – Reduce monopolization by countries and corporations in the attainment and use of H1B and L1 foreign workers within the U.S.
  • Eliminate Dual Intent – For H1B Visa holders to enter the country to work or study temporarily with the option to apply for permanent citizenship
  • Reduce F1 Visas – American Universities are giving scholarships and slots to foreign students before Americans – driving up domestic tuition and eliminating access and opportunity for American students to attend the best STEM programs in the U.S.
  • Simplify the System – Make the legal immigration system merit-based for truly high skilled visas and reduce the number and type of visas available
  • Data Must Stay (DMS) – Create law that requires U.S. Data to remain in U.S. territory enabling job retention, enforcement of privacy and data laws, improving National Security and reducing cyber threats






American Workers Coalition

Legislation to End “OPT”

Optional Practical Training

HR 3564 – Fairness for High Skilled Americans Act

  • OPT is a jobs program that allows foreign F-1 visa holders to get tax-free employment and remain in the U.S. indefinitely
  • Neither the employer nor F-1 worker pay Payroll/FICA  (Medicare & Social Security) taxes
  • Gives OPTs a 15.3% tax saving advantage over American grads
  • FICA funds lose $2+ billion each year due to OPT
  • 12-month initial OPT period for any F-1 visa holder
  • 24-month extensions for each STEM degree earned
  • No limit on the number of OPT work authorizations
  • No restrictions on where OPTs work
  • American Grads are getting passed over for jobs
  • Fewer than 50% of U.S. STEM grads are landing jobs in STEM
  • OPT gives companies a financial incentive to hire foreign grads
  • OPT has grown 400%

OPT is being used to discriminate against U.S. Citizen College Graduates




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American Workers Coalition

FACT SHEET November 2019

Say NO to HR1044/S386 and say YES to America’s future

HR1044/S386 is “anti-diversity” legislation that will further displace Americans
and further hurt women, minorities, and U.S. STEM college graduates

  • Seeks to eliminate the 7% per country limit for employment-based green cards, and to double the family-based limit from 7% to 15% which will allow one country to co-opt America’s green card system.
  • Reduces diversity in immigration – providing only two countries green cards for the next decade+. while talented and truly high skilled individuals from 190+ countries across the globe would be unable to obtain a green card
  • Does NOT address the root-cause of the immense green card queues and its passage would further incent greater future numbers from over-subscribed countries, according the CRS.
  • Promoted by special interest with deep pockets, not seeking the best path forward for all Americans.
  • Perpetuates the lie that America does not have enough talent or intelligence, enough college graduates, or enough willing citizens to participate in the US labor market.
  • The majority of immigrants in queue are less skilled than U.S. high school graduates to work in the positions they are taking from U.S. citizens.

The American Worker Crisis:

  • Congress, the media, and the general populace fail to understand the face, depth and breadth of this American domestic labor crisis as a direct result of severance agreements requiring non-disclosure by the millions of Americans affected.
  • The silent epidemic of cheap foreign labor displacing American workers will continue and worsen if this legislation is passed.



crsreports.congress.gov/product/pdf/R/R45447 | pewresearch.org | econdataus.com/h1bdata.htm