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AWC – Champions of the American Worker

Hilarie Gamm and the American Workers Coalition (AWC) are leading national and local efforts to galvanize American citizens behind the common goal of putting Americans first for U.S.-based educated labor.  With the 2020 election cycle in full gear, now is the time to bring the important issues around educated white collar professionals across this great country to the forefront of the election.

Among AWC’s priorities in 2020 is to educate Congress about the Fairness for High Skilled Americans Act (HR 3564), which was introduced in the Summer of 2019. Hilarie Gamm and AWC are working hard to educate Congress on the harm to the U.S. and American college graduates of the OPT Program.  The OPT STEM extension created by Executive Order under the Obama administration at the urging of Big Tech is hurting Americans.  This H1-B workaround has grown more than 400%, larger now than the H1B employment vehicle, and sidelines college grads at U.S. employers  – costing American taxpayers and estimate $2 billion per year in lost contributions.

HR 3564 introduced by Rep. Gosar of Arizona is gaining steam with co-sponsors signing on to the legislation.

Gamm has watched middle class American citizens pushed out of professional careers for more than 25 years. Now, with weekly calls, Gamm and AWC educate local governments and citizens about their America First agenda. AWC efforts are really making an impact!

AWC is ramping up efforts to bring U.S. job displacement of qualified and educated professionals to the campaign narrative. Outreach to college campuses has begun, rallies are being organized, and AWC is backing a candidate in Texas to run against John Coryn, the Senator who voted for S386 and sides with Big Tech and Corporate sponsors rather than American workers.

Through grass roots fundraising efforts, AWC has successfully helped Texas Senate 2020 candidate raise thousands to get his name on the ballot, with less than $1000 left to be raised AWC is nearing the finish line for needed campaign donations.

AWC is continuing to advocate for American Workers across the U.S. advising, supporting, and making referrals for U.S. workers who are being wrongfully displaced and forced to train their foreign replacement.

Hilarie Gamm authored Billions Lost: The American Tech Crisis and The Road Map to Change in an effort to provide the facts around U.S. job loss and worker displacement in tech. She continues to dispel the lies and myths of those who suggest a skills gap or skilled labor shortage exists.  Hilarie and AWC can provide the facts  regarding the millions of Americans who have lost their good paying U.S. jobs due to off-shoring, outsourcing, and visa abuse.

AWC and Hilarie Gamm continue to advocate for American citizens and their children.  Progress has been made, but more work needs to be done, and we need every possible “heart and head” in this fight to win it!

Americans FIRST for American jobs and American education is the only path forward for our democracy, our security, and our prosperity.  Please contact Gamm today at hilariegamm@gmail.com. Get involved; make a difference in the 2020 election.

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