Building on 2020 Progress

Super Tuesday was super in one way for American Workers Coalition. With support from AmWorkCo and Protect U.S. Workers, Virgil Bierschwale entered the Texas U.S. Senate race and ultimately received nearly 20,000 votes in the Republican primary on Super Tuesday – March 3rd.  With limited media coverage, no debates, and minimal campaign funds, Virgil’s message of “Americans first for jobs” resonated with thousands of Texans who ended up voting for him rather than the America last Senator John Cornyn, an S386 co-sponsor.

Last week, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson covered the story of AT&T American workers being replaced by foreign workers employed by Tech Mahindra, Accenture, and IBM.  American women, African Americans, Asian Americans, and older Americans are being forced to train their foreign replacements while AT&T continues to profit by substituting American labor with cheaper foreign workforces.  Sara Blackwell, attorney and founder of Protect U.S. Workers, explained how there is truly no shortage of American workers and how the benefits of capitalism take a hit when thousands of Americans lose their jobs and their future while corporate CEOs make millions.

Laura Ingraham reminded the President that he ran on an “America first” agenda in 2016 and there exists a never ending corporate appetite for cheap foreign workers. She also talked about the humiliation of educated, experienced, and capable Americans training their foreign replacements and the persistence of wage stagnation due to a loose labor market inundated with foreign labor.

Senator Mike Lee of Utah continues to promote S386 a bill which would reward Big Tech with a continuous stream of foreign labor from their largest supply chain of outsourcers.  Lou Dobbs exposed Lee’s Big Tech donors on a recent spot highlighting S386, a bill which would end legal immigration to the U.S. from over 190 countries on the globe by removing the 7% country cap limit currently in place.

In addition, untold stories of the past of diverse American IT organizations succumbing to mass layoffs only to be replaced by foreign workforces, not for cost savings, but because Americans are truly being discriminated against, are finally coming to light in U.S. courts. 

Jay Palmer is a leading force in working with individuals from every background, race, and nationality to expose the many injustices associated with corrupt hiring practices. John Miano continues to successfully push U.S. courts to address the OPT program, which Congress never ratified and allows the current employment of more than a quarter of a million foreign workers in the U.S. in place of American citizens.

2020 candidates understand the harm in S386 and the importance of putting Americans first for jobs and education. AmWorkCo has highlighted several candidates running on an America First platform, they include: Jeff Sessions  – Alabama Senate contender, Lauren Witzke – New Jersey Senate contender, Tricia Flanagan – New Jersey Senate contender, Joshua Foxworth – Texas Congressional contender, James Tulp – Mississippi Congressional contender, and Jarome Bell – Virginia Congressional contender.

Michele Malkin recently created a thread of the hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens losing their STEM jobs at American employers so there is no denying the truth about U.S. citizens continuing to be pushed out of good paying STEM jobs.  Daniel Horowitz on his Conservative Review Podcast covered the sellout of American jobs and the dangers to American society when foreign labor supplants educated Americans.

It takes many little victories to win a war, and it takes momentum to bust the myth that there is a shortage of U.S. STEM labor.

When three Moms created AmWorkCo – American Worker’s Coalition, we believed we could engage other Americans to fight alongside us for a better tomorrow. Through our Congressional outreach and media efforts, we have achieved more than we could have imagined, but to win the war, we need many more soldiers.

With a small army of American advocates, we have lobbied Congress for the passage of HR 3564 – The Fairness for High Skilled Americans Act – to end the OPT program, which has grown larger than the H1B program in sidelining American college graduates from good paying jobs. We need YOUR help to work on securing more co-sponsors and raising awareness about the need to put Americans FIRST for jobs and education.

If you attend a Town Hall – please consider asking your candidate about legal immigration, wage stagnation, the OPT program, and S386. Make a point of writing letters to your local newspapers about the struggle of U.S. college grads to find a good paying job and the harm to local economies when companies like AT&T lay off thousands of Americans and outsource their jobs to foreigners.

Contact us at info@amworkco.com if you can spare a few minutes per week to make a big difference. Our progress in 2020 has been stunning thus far, but to win the war, we all need to make the choice to fight on.

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