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American citizens are finally starting to make an impact in Washington D.C.  We are at the very start of a 14 month journey to the next U.S. election.  Now is the time to work together to raise awareness in D.C. and with our local media that American citizens are losing out on great job opportunities.  Women and minorities and workers over age 40 are being pushed out of the job market by cheap foreign labor and our recent college grads are being sidelined for some of the best employment opportunities in our nation.  We must change the narrative and let our elected officials know:  There is NO shortage of qualified, educated Americans willing and able to work in the U.S.

This blog photo shows me on my recent trip to D.C.   I visited over 30 Congressional offices.  American Workers Coalition – AWC – the American citizen, non-partisan, un-funded group that I co-founded with two other mothers, Barbara Birch and Marie Larson, is leading the charge in bringing the facts to our elected officials and their aides.

H.R. 3564  – The Fairness for High Skilled Americans Act is in Congress now, and we need Congressional support, co-sponsors, and the people of the United States to start talking about how un-fair OPT is to every American college graduate.

OPT – Optional Practical Training gives foreign students in the U.S. first shot at American jobs.  It rejects American college graduates, while giving F1-OPTs the VIP treatment with specialized employment programs and access to our nation’s best employers.  In fact, many U.S. parents wonder why their children are graduating with better grades than their children’s peers from foreign lands, yet are denied even an interview while their children’s friends are graduating with offers in hand.

The answer is OPT!  Optional Practical Training is an employment give-away helping everyone but American citizens.  It offers employers a 15%  tax break to hire foreign F-1 candidates rather than American citizens.  In many cases, American children and their families are making huge sacrifices to pay for college with the hopes of securing employment.  Rather than being given access and opportunity to our nation’s best jobs, Americans are discriminated against and cut out of the interview process.  It is not fair that Americans are being treated like second class citizens in their own country.

OPT workers and their employers do not contribute to Social Security or Medicare.  The U.S. is losing more than 2 billion per year because of the many OPT workers being hired.

OPT is a post graduate employment program devised by companies wanting to circumvent the H1B 85,000 per year visa cap.  These employers prefer to hire OPT workers because they are willing to work for less pay,  they are willing to work longer hours and they do not receive benefits.  More than 275,000 OPT workers were employed in 2017 in the U.S.

CPT stands for the Curriculum Practical Training program, it allows the employ of foreign F1 students while they are still enrolled in higher education in the U.S.

According to   http://econdataus.com/optdata.htm , here are the top 15 OPT/CPT employers, along with the total number of F1-OPT/CPTs they employed in 2017:

1        Amazon                             7720

2       Intel                                    3622

3       Google                                3514

4       Integra Technologies      3094

5       Microsoft                           2397

6       Facebook                           2010

7       Deloitte                              1871

8      Tellon Trading                  1817

9      IBM                                    1380

10    XCG Design Corp            1341

11     Apple                                 1297

12    Ernst & Young                 1173

13     Findream LLC                1066

14     CG Max Design Corp      906

15     PricewaterhouseCoopers     859

Today – less than 50% – of American STEM graduates are employed in STEM jobs.  Is it any wonder when you review the list above of top OPT employers in the U.S.?

  • Don’t you think Americans should be interviewing and getting those jobs?
  • Don’t you think Amazon, Intel, Google, Microsoft, Facebook,  and Apple should be paying their fair share of taxes?
  • Don’t you think Deloitte, IBM, Ernst & Young and Price Waterhouse Coopers, also some of the largest H1B employers in the U.S. and the largest outsourcers of tech jobs in the U.S. should start hiring Americans to work with American technology and American data?

The 2016 election called out the problems with special interest groups lobbying our Congress.  https://www.opensecrets.org/lobby/top.php?indexType=s&showYear=2018

According to OpenSecrets.org, some of the most influential lobbyist groups in Washington today are the very groups focused on bringing in more foreign labor to keep wages down and keep Americans from enjoying the dignity that comes with job security and a sizable paycheck.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable have only corporate interests at heart,  They consistently lobby for more cheap foreign labor, they lobby against what is good for American citizens, American families, and American workers.

Although there are hundreds of millions being spent to sway D.C. lawmakers,  by these special interests, there is something more powerful than money:   Votes!

Votes don’t cost a penny.  YOU can make change by letting your Congressmen and Senators know they will only have your vote if they do what is right for Americans.  That is a very powerful message and one they will listen to.  And, it’s an easy message to deliver, let me tell you how…

Search up your Congressmen’s D.C. website – either call their office or use their congressional form, and send them an e-mail.  You can include information from my blogs, but all you really need to do is state the following:

I want you to support H.R. 3564 to END OPT.  Please let me know where you stand on this legislation.  I would like you to co-sponsor H.R. 3564 and put American citizen college grads first in line for jobs in the U.S.

Our goal is to contact every single D.C. Congressional office and talk to them about H.R. 3564.  Give them the facts that training programs and federal grants are a waste of time and money if Americans are going to continue to be shut out of good paying jobs and continue to be consistently replaced by cheap foreign labor.

My affiliates are working diligently in D.C. too!  Our combined efforts are making a difference!

Virgil Bierschwale, the founder of Keep America at Work, had decided to run for U.S. State Senator for the great state of Texas.  To learn more about Virgil and to contribute to his campaign fund you can visit his site:  https://www.virgilbierschwale.com/

Virgil is an American Veteran and an American Tech Worker.  He has been fighting for American educated professionals for many years, and his run for office will be a great opportunity to get some media coverage regarding the plight of U.S. professionals.  Please join me in supporting Virgil for U.S. Senate!

We are working hard to access media outlets, if you have any connections or can bring some media exposure to the plight of American workers and college graduates, please reach out.

Do not hesitate to send me an e-mail at hilariegamm@gmail.com when you contact your Congressman and Senators. I am interested in YOU and your efforts.  I want to help you make a difference. If everyone does their part to spread the word and spend a few minutes to get Congress focused on putting Americans first, we will have a huge impact on D.C. and improve the future for all Americans!  Thank You!

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