Gamm Returns to Coast to Coast this Thursday 5/28/20

Hilarie Gamm returns to Coast to Coast — the long running Top 10 National Radio Show — to chat on air with host George Noory on May 28 at 10 p.m. PST.  Since Hilarie’s last appearance she has joined moms Marie Larson and Barbara Birch to co-found American Workers Coalition to provide hard facts on U.S. employment.

Since the start of the pandemic, 35 million U.S. citizens have filed for unemployment.  Hilarie and George will focus their discussion on how the pandemic has further damaged our citizen’s ability to find work. Hilarie will highlight how H1B, F1-OPT, L1, and H4 EAD visas have exacerbated the challenge for unemployed Americans.

AmWorkCo is advocating for American citizens and endorses those 2020 Congressional candidates who are focused on reforming legal immigration to put Americans FIRST for jobs and education. Join the conversation and discuss:  F1-OPT’s affect on 2020 College Grads, Free Speech, Innovation, and National Security.

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First time callers: 1-818-501-4721
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Skype: george97313

Since writing her groundbreaking book, Billions Lost: The American Tech Crisis and The Road Map to Change, and co-founding American Workers Coalition, Gamm has continued to serve as a national leader and advocate for American STEM workers, affordable and accessible U.S. higher education, a vibrant domestic remote workforce, data privacy, diversity, and the need for a thriving U.S. middle class.

Contrary to what mass media outlets would leave the public to believe, Gamm will explain that there is truly no shortage of qualified American talent. She will also share her excitement in working with the 2020 candidates who have pledged to change the status quo in Washington:  Senate candidates Kris Kobach of Kansas, Lauren Witzke of Delaware, Tricia Flanagan of New Jersey, and Jeff Sessions of Alabama, and Congressional candidates Jarome Bell of Virginia, Barry Moore of Alabama, and Laura Loomer of Florida.

Doctors, nurses, researchers, teachers, architects and tech professionals continue to be denied employment opportunities. During the current pandemic crisis, many are being furloughed or laid off without benefits while their H1B and OPT counterparts remain employed. Americans of every background are now calling for the current administration to “Expand the Ban” on immigration to protect American jobs and American interests.

Join this important discussion. Be a part of the national dialogue. Mark your calendars and call in to share your story!


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