Immigration Reform Needed  – Let’s Get These 2020 Candidates Elected!

Many media outlets consider immigration reform a distraction.  The NASDAQ’s leading corporations rely on foreign labor and their advocates are often the most vocal in wanting to maintain the status quo on immigration.

AmWorkCo is endorsing five candidates this 2020 election year that are advocates for Americans and are vocal on the need for immigration reform. We need to work together to do everything in our power to get these patriots elected!

The fortunes of many are tied to the profitability and stock prices of the U.S. companies that employ huge numbers of foreign workers, but the truth is immigrants working at these companies on H1B, H4 EAD, F1, OPT, and L1 visas hurt the macro economics of our nation and rarely enhance American job growth or wages. In fact, since 1990 more than 2.5 million H1B foreign workers have replaced American STEM professionals. What began in 1990 with the doubling of legal immigration under the first Bush administration, continues to be promoted by his son and the Bush Center today, even with 30 million Americans filing for unemployment in the past 30 days.  

What we need are 2020 Senate candidates like Jeff Sessions, Tricia Flanagan, and Lauren Witzke, and Congressional candidates like Jarome Bell and Barry Moore to become elected officials so they can push to end the U.S. immigration policy that robs American taxpayers of good paying, job opportunities.

Arguing that suspending immigration reduces the human capital necessary for a strong domestic economic recovery is not only insulting to American educated professionals, but also belies the facts regarding how guest workers truly effect the U.S. labor force. 

Continuing to rely on H1Bs to fill U.S. jobs will only serve to compound the economic devastation of the current crisis. Initially, companies “test” the labor model by employing H1Bs for only a fraction of their jobs to reduce costs. Yet ultimately, guest workers become the gateway for greater American job loss.   

Rather than create jobs, H1Bs are multipliers of attrition. Functioning as on shore managers, they often times direct thousands of remote workers offshore who perform jobs once held by Americans. Without penalty, U.S. entities are able to lift and shift their American cost centers to less expensive labor pools through the H1B employment model. Evidenced by current layoffs across the nation, Americans are the first to be cut while H1Bs remain on the job at many of our nation’s employers.

Many immigration proponents often claim it is challenging to source qualified, American job candidates. It surprises many to learn that less than 50% of today’s U.S. STEM graduates are able to land a STEM job upon graduation. With this year’s 2020 graduates facing devastating odds at gainful employment, it makes sense to consider ending the CPT/OPT work program, which employs hundreds of thousands of F1 student visa holders rather than their American counterparts. American college grads need a chance at those jobs.

With the greatest employment crisis in our nation’s history, now might also be the right time to focus on repatriating our nation’s data and data dependent occupations. American citizens working remotely are clearly a better choice than foreigners working remotely in foreign lands at the 20+ million customer service, help desk, back office, and tech jobs that were once held by American citizens. Like off shoring U.S. manufacturing, sending professional jobs overseas also makes the U.S. vulnerable and dependent. Relying on American labor reduces domestic risk, enhances innovation, and builds a strong foundation for economic growth and stability.  

Immigration reform is not a distraction; in this time of crisis, it is a necessity. Let’s work together to support these America FIRST candidates AmWorkCo has chosen to endorse:

Jeff Sessions – Alabama Senate     

Tricia Flanagan – New Jersey Senate 

Lauren Witzke – Delaware Senate   

Jarome Bell – Virginia Congress   

Barry Moore – Alabama Congress   

You can help their campaigns with direct donations or by volunteering. Please e-mail us at info@amworkco.com if you can spare some time to help us get these candidates elected. We need volunteers – it’s easy – and you will easily be able to make a genuine impact to help our nation and its citizens. So please, do not hesitate, contact us today!!!!

Together, through our efforts and our support of these candidates, we can make change. Let’s do our best work to get these American PATRIOTS elected in 2020!

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