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Working Together Creates Progress

2020 is here and we are excited about the future to work together and create progress in realizing a better tomorrow for American citizens and their children!

Established in 2019 by three moms, American Workers Coalition has successfully brought many citizens together to make a difference in D.C. Although AmWorkCo accepts no monetary donations, there is something you can do to help our efforts. Join us for a few minutes per week and make your voice heard in Washington D.C.

Our AmWorkCo website, http://www.amworkco.com/, has a form where you can quickly, easily, and anonymously provide facts about U.S. employment displacement.  Now is the time to tell your story so we can in turn share the realities of outsourcing and offshoring with legislators in our nation’s capital as we push for change to put Americans first for jobs and education. We need as many American citizens as possible to complete the form. Please take a minute to submit your anonymous form today!

2020 is an election year!

AmWorkCo is working hard to provide the facts on outsourcing, off shoring, and data privacy, and to that end we are excited there are 2020 candidates who are focusing on these issues too.

We want to see American U.S. college graduates rewarded and hired for U.S. STEM jobs.   For that reason, American Workers Coalition is proud to continue to provide the facts around OPT – the Optional Practical Training program – and HR3564 – the Fairness for High Skilled Americans Act – the legislation introduced to end OPT introduced in 2019 by Congressman Gosar of Arizona.

The following 2020 candidates are in support of The Fairness for High Skilled Americans Act and are advocates for reforms  in F1 OPT, H1B, L1, and H4 EAD work programs:

Here you can view Virgil’s latest YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzNZuD4HuuE
and, contribute to Virgil’s campaign in the links below.

Joshua Foxworth – Texas District 14
Find important information on Joshua and how you can help.

Peter D-Abrosca – North Carolina District 7
Peter needs your help to get on the ballot. See his appearance on Tucker Carlson and learn about his desire to put Americans back in U.S. jobs

AmWorkCo is proud of our Affiliate, Protect U.S. Workers – the organization that has successfully brought a billboard campaign across the U.S. Sara Blackwell, attorney and founder of the organization, continues to visit Washington D.C. to speak out on behalf of American workers.
Protect U.S. Workers accepts donations and could use everyone’s help with their billboard campaign to raise awareness about U.S. American worker displacement. You can donate via their site below:

AmWorkCo is proud of our Affiliate econdataus, for doing the research to prove that the number of U.S. born women and men in Tech continues to decline: http://econdataus.com/women_tech.htm

Here at AmWorkCo, our next goal is to garner as many co-sponsors of HR 3564 as possible, and work on getting both the Senate and the White House focused on the ramifications to U.S. citizens from current OPT and foreign visa work programs. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/3564

Through weekly Congressional outreach, we successfully educated Congress members in 2019 regarding HR 3564. The following Congressmen have co-sponsored as a result: Ron Wright, Brian Babin and Louie Gohmert of Texas, Bill Posey and Matt Gaetz of Florida, Andy Biggs of Arizona, and Mo Brooks of Alabama.

If you are able to spare a few minutes each week, please contact us and join us in our efforts to lobby Congress and educate Congressional members and their staff on the harm in outsourcing and offshoring American jobs.

HR 3564 seeks to end the OPT program, which robs Medicare and Social Security of billions of dollars every year while pushing American citizen college graduates aside for U.S. jobs.  We truly need the voices of students, their parents and their grandparents to help Washington D.C. understand that the OPT program is sidelining American citizen college grads from jobs in the U.S.   For our country to thrive, our national security to remain intact and our middle class to survive, we must work together to educate our friends, neighbors and D.C. legislators on the need for HR 3564 – The Fairness for High Skilled Americans Act.

Together we can and are making a difference. We will continue to fight on… Please join us today.

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