Thank YOU for Proclamation 10014

On June 22, 2020 President Trump signed Proclamation 10014, the founders of AmWorkCo and the thousands of AmWorkCo volunteers and activists thank the President and his team for this executive order.  AmWorkCo efforts to provide facts and first person accounts directly to the White House were instrumental in making this Executive Order a reality.  While we suffer through the worst job market in our nation’s history, it is imperative that we all work together and focus our efforts like never before to make clear the harm to American wages, job prospects, opportunity and innovation that are the result of employing millions of foreigners rather than American citizens.

This administration is now being hammered by billionaires, immigration attorneys, and corporate entities who strongly oppose any changes that infringe on their ability to hire foreign workers rather than Americans.  Time is of the essence, we must do everything in our power to let the White House know NOW that we appreciate this first step in putting Americans first for jobs and we hope that over the next 30 days this EO will be expanded.   Today American college grads and American medical professionals are being sidelined by F1-OPT, J1, and H1B visa holders.  We must take the time now to communicate with our newspapers, our legislators, and the White House the harm these guest worker programs have caused Americans and their families.

The OPT, Optional Practical Training Program is enabling the tax free employment of 1/2 a million F1 visa holders.  The estimated 800,000 American college grads entering the worst job market in U.S. history should be given first choice at the jobs currently held by F1 OPTs.  American college students, graduates, their parents and grandparents, must use social media posts, letters and phone calls to their legislators, and e-mails to the White House to ensure they are not forsaken.  The OPT program costs American tax payers 3 billion per year in lost tax contributions, it was never ratified by Congress and therefore considered unlawful, and it was lobbied for and is now used most heavily by the same entities who employ the largest number of H1B workers.  The OPT program has grown more than 400% and is now larger than the H1B program.  It is also wrought with fraud and it is not merit based, it has no limits, and it is the single biggest reason U.S. college grads today are not landing jobs upon graduation.  We need YOU to put OPT in the spotlight.  College grads, their parents, and their grandparents are voters, in this election year, it is time to make this issue known.  Ask about OPTs at Town Halls, get it in the news, make OPT and election issue!

The Executive Order of June 22, 2020 exempted medical personnel, U.S. medical professionals are being systematically displaced by foreign workers.  In the same way Big Tech perpetuated the myth that there was a shortage of qualified STEM labor in the U.S. so they could push for the H1B visa and systematically and silently replace American technology professionals with foreign labor, the same paradigm exists in medicine.  Today the ECFMG claims their is a shortage of high quality doctors in the U.S.   The reality is that there are thousands of American medical doctors who have successfully passed their medical boards and exams and are being sidelined –   foreign medical professionals on H1B and J1 visas are being given the jobs instead.  Every other nation on the globe gives preference to their native M.D.’s in hiring, it is only the United States that has created a system that favors foreign medical professionals over Americans.

The pandemic has brought the realization that working remotely is a viable alternative.  Sadly, rather than enjoy the flexibility and opportunity remote work brings to the U.S. job market, the popularity of remote work as a viable employment alternative has created a new and very real threat of increases in outsourcing  of American jobs to foreign workers in foreign lands.  There is only one way to keep American professional jobs from being outsourced and that is by keeping the data that is the foundation of those jobs, here in the U.S.  In addition to immigration reforms, data localization or data must stay laws, similar to those in place currently in India, China, EU and Australia, must be considered by our leaders so the U.S. can bring our data and our jobs back to U.S. soil.  The continued dependence on outsourcing to foreigners in foreign lands poses significant threat to our national security and our nation’s citizens and it hampers innovation and domestic economic growth.

Here is the link to contact the White House

Use this link to Send E-Mail:  https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

Please ask the President to:
“Make Permanent H1B reforms and include U.S. Medical Professionals, END OPT, END H4EAD VISA PROGRAMS – and put AMERICANS FIRST.”

This is your country, this is your time, every individual reading this post has the power to create positive change for themselves, for the neighbor, for their family and for their country.  Do not put off this opportunity.

Share this Post!  Inspire and persuade everyone you know to fight for Americans and the right for Americans to be FIRST for jobs and education in their own country!

We are the Davids against the most powerful, monied, and influential Goliaths in the history of human existence.   The only way to save our right to education and to gainful employment is to act in the greatest numbers than have ever voiced opposition before.  We must not put off communicating with our legislators, or media and our President.

Act now!  Make your voice heard!  You are a voter, you are a citizen, and you have the power to create good.   We are the silent majority, and we must be silent no longer.  Your Voice & Your Vote Matter!  In this election – YOU HAVE THE POWER!!!! You Have 25 Days to Convince the President and His Administration that AMERICAN JOBS MATTER – AND AS A VOTER YOU WANT AMERICANS TO COME FIRST FOR EVERY JOB!!!

Contact info@amworkco.com if you would like to learn more on what you can do to share your personal story and make a difference NOW!


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