Time to STOP the H1B 2020 Visa Lottery!

Amid the COVID-19 health crisis, the U.S. Government needs to hear from YOU to let them know AMERICANS need to be FIRST for jobs in the U.S. 

Please contact these media folks who have covered the story of American citizens losing out on jobs because of visa workers and outsourcing. And please, contact the White House at the phone number below to let them know they need to put a stop to the H1B 2020 April 1st visa lottery. The U.S. does NOT need another 100,000 H1B workers to replace American STEM grads!

By taking just one minute to contact these folks, you will make a huge difference in putting Americans FIRST for jobs and education.
Send an e-mail to:
Call the White House:
White House comment line (202) 456-1111
Remember these facts:
H1B Lottery 2020 – 100,000 Foreigner Workers are Slated to Take American Jobs Amid COVID 19
F1 OPTs, H4EADS, H1Bs are taking jobs from Americans.
The American Relief Act, which Congress is currently considering, should include the END of H4EAD & OPT Work programs and the Shut Down of the H1B visa lottery for 2020!  
And America needs to return American citizen Health Care Data & Financial Data back to the U.S.  Please put Americans FIRST.  
The U.S. Government should put Americans and American interests FIRST! Americans don’t need hand-outs; they need jobs and dignity! The White House needs to put American Citizens FIRST for JOBS & EDUCATION! Also send an email NOW to: live-blog@foxnews.com to be included in the Trump Town Hall regarding COVID 19.
Stay safe!

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